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1Adama, Lollius (ca. 1544 - 1609) ca. 1544 - 1609 Persoon
2Siger van Brabant, (ca. 1230 - ca. 1283) ca. 1230 - ca. 1283 Persoon
3Burgersdijk, Franck Pieterszoon [Franco Petri] (3 mei 1590 - 19 februari 1635) 3 mei 1590 - 19 februari 1635 Persoon
4De medische faculteit 1614-1714 2003 Artikel
5God as "Father" and "Maker" in Philo of Alexandria and its background in Aristotelian thought 2003 Artikel
6Hobbes and the Galilean law of free fall 2003 Artikel
7"Aristotelian" and "Platonic" : dualism in Hellenistic and early Christian philosophy and in gnosticism 2002 Artikel
8Insignificant speech : Thomas Hobbes and late aristotelianism on words, concepts and things 2002 Artikel
9The dynamics of Aristotelian natural philosophy from antiquity to the seventeenth century 2002 Monografie
10The erosion of aristotelianism : confessional physics in early modern Germany and the Dutch Republic 2002 Artikel
11The mechanisation of Aristotelianism : the late Aristotelian setting of Thomas Hobbes' natural philosophy 2002 Monografie
12The tradition of Aristotelian natural philosophy : two theses and seventeen answers 2002 Artikel
13Alcuni riflessione su continuità e trasformazione dell' aristotelismo nella filosofia del Rinascimento (e del medioevo) 2001 Artikel
14Aristotelian metaphysics and eucharistic theology : John Buridan and Marsilius of Inghen on the ontological status of accidental being 2001 Artikel
15Bernard Bolzano : analyticity and the Aristotelian model of science 2001 Artikel
16The distinction between "Platonic" and "aristotelian" dualism, illustrated from Plutarch's myth in De facie in orbe lunae 2001 Artikel
17The fragility of care : an encounter between Nussbaum's Aristotelian ethics and ethics of care 2001 Artikel
18The quest for certain knowledge in the fourteenth century : Nicholas of Autrecourt against the academics 2000 Artikel
19Averroes and the Aristotelian tradition : sources, constitution and reception of the philosophy of Ibn Rushd (1126-1198) : proceedings of the fourth Symposium Averroicum (Cologne, 1996) 1999 Congresbundel
20Descartes' dualism 1998 Monografie
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