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1Toland, John [Janus Junius] (30 november 1670 - 1722) 30 november 1670 - 1722 Persoon
2Henry Oldenburg : shaping the Royal Society 2002 Monografie
3Taalstrijd blijft doorgaan : filosofie in Engeland 2001 Artikel
4"Then leave complaints" : Mandeville, Anti-Catholicism, and English orthodoxy 2000 Artikel
5Critique biblique et révolution scientifique 2000 Artikel
6Mandeville's Free thoughts and the Eighteenth-century debates on "toleration" and the English constitution 2000 Artikel
7"Jesus Nazarenus legislator" : Adam Boreel's defence of Christianity 1996 Artikel
8Spinoza and the English thinkers 1996 Artikel
9The English Deists and the Traité 1996 Artikel
10The books of nature and scripture : recent essays on natural philosophy, theology, and biblical criticism in the Netherlands of Spinoza's time and the British Isles of Newton's time 1994 Monografie
11The genesis of toleration as a value 1994 Proefschrift Chicago
12Toleration in Seventeenth-Century Dutch and English thougth 1994 Artikel
13Science and culture under William and Mary 1992 Monografie
14Erasmus, Colet and More : the early Tudor humanists and their books 1991 Rede
15Learned periodicals from the Dutch Republic and the early debate on Spinoza in England 1987 Artikel
16William Heytesbury on "Necessity" : the rise of british logic 1985 Artikel
17John Toland : his methods, manner, and mind 1984 Monografie
18English logic in Italy in the 14th and 15th centuries : acts of the 5th European Symposium on Medieval Logic and Semantics : Rome, 10-14 November 198? 1982 Congresbundel
19Paul of Pergula's commentary on the "sophismata" of William Heytesbury 1982 Artikel
20Peter of Mantua's tract on "appellatio" and his interpretation of immanent forms 1982 Artikel
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