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1Humanism and theology in Northern Europe 1512-1527 : new grammar and new theology 2002 Artikel
2Language in action : categories, lambdas and dynamic logic 1995 Monografie
3Transsentential meditations : ups and downs in dynamic semantics 1993 Proefschrift Universiteit van Amsterdam
4Aspects of discourse semantics and unification grammar 1991 Proefschrift Universiteit van Amsterdam
5"Suppositio" and "supponere" as 12th century grammar 1987 Artikel
6Ab omni homine habetur aliquod capud : a note on the concept of word-order in the 12th-century grammatical thought 1987 Artikel
7Spinoza and grammatical tradition 1986 Rede (vertaling)
8"Omnis homo resurget" : a note on the early restriction theory and 12th century grammar 1985 Artikel
9The "Quaestiones grammaticales" in the MS Oxford, Corpus Christi College 250 : an edition of the second collection 1985 Artikel
10Filosofie van de grammatica 1984 Monografie
11Studies in the history of ancient linguistics, II : Stoic and Peripatetic kinds of speech act and the distinction of grammatical moods 1984 Artikel
12Théorie grammaticale et définition du discours dans le "Sophiste" de Platon 1984 Artikel
13Varieties of formal semantics : proceedings of the 4th Amsterdam Colloquium, September 1982 1984 Congresbundel
14Logica en grammatica bij de Stoa 1983 Artikel
15On the history of Paninian grammar in the early centuries following Patanjali 1983 Artikel
16The "Quaestiones grammaticales" of the MS "Oxford, Corpus Christi College 250" : an edition of the first collection 1983 Artikel
17Logica, taal en betekenis 1982 Monografie
18Elementi della grammatica funzionale 1981 Artikel
19La grammaire dans l'encyclopédie : État actuel des études 1981 Artikel
20Regels en representaties : de grammatica als mentaal orgaan 1981 Monografie (vertaling)
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