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1Lattices of modal logics and their groups of automorphisms 1999 Artikel
2Modality, bisimulation and interpolation in infinitary logic 1999 Artikel
3Tools and techniques in modal logic 1999 Monografie
4Advances in modal logic : AiML conference ; 1 (Berlin) : 10-1996 1998 Monografie
5Logic and bisimulation 1998 Proefschrift Utrecht
6[Aristotle's modal logic] 1996 Recensie
7Quantified modal logic, reference and essentialism 1996 Artikel
8Modal quantifiers 1995 Proefschrift Universiteit van Amsterdam
9Calculi for constructive communication : a study of the dynamics of partial states 1994 Proefschrift Tilburg
10Coming to terms with modal logic : on the interpretation of modalities in typed ->-<-calculus 1994 Proefschrift Eindhoven
11Complexity of modal logics 1993 Proefschrift Universiteit van Amsterdam
12Extending modal logic 1993 Proefschrift Universiteit van Amsterdam
13Quantified modal logic, reference and essentialism 1993 Artikel
14Many-dimensional modal logic 1992 Proefschrift Universiteit van Amsterdam
15Modalities for reasoning about knowledge and quantities 1992 Proefschrift Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
16Prefinitely axiomatizable modal and intermediate logics 1991 Monografie
17Internal definability and completeness in modal logic 1990 Proefschrift Freie Universitšt Berlin
18Paraconsistent modal logic, logical relativism, and the imaginary 1988 Artikel
19A theory of modal dialectics 1986 Artikel
20Aristotle's logic of necessity 1986 Proefschrift Leiden
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